Seasonal Maintenance​

As the seasons change, it’s always a great time to look at the maintenance required at your property to help prevent further issues from arising. This will help to keep your property looking in top condition all year round.  At BuildPro Ecomm, we have a variety of services to help you maintain your property throughout the sweltering summer and windy winter. 


  • Book in a professional BuildPro Ecomm – Air Conditioning Clean.  This will help to prevent overgrowth of mould and bacteria and ensure sufficient heating in winter and cooling in summer.
  • Repair damaged fly screens to keep the mosquitoes and flies out during the summer. Book a BuildPro Ecomm – Handyman to keep your home insect free.
  • Trim trees and hedges that are preventing the sun from shining through and help keep your home secure with BuildPro Ecomm – Garden Services.  A house that is clearly visible to the neighbours and the street is less inviting to potential intruders.  Plus you have the added bonus of letting in more light – win, win!
  • Have your bins been kicking up a stink from the summer heat?  Have them professionally cleaned with our BuildPro Ecomm – Bin Pressure Wash and Disinfecting.   Our professional cleaners will come to your house and have those bins pine fresh in a jiffy. Includes pressure wash, sanitisation, and scent applicator. 
  • When it’s cold outside, pests like to find their way into the warmth of your home.  Critters can hide just about anywhere, with common places usually being garages, kitchen pantries & bathrooms.  To prevent unwanted visitors, book a BuildPro Ecomm – Pest Control service at the start of winter.


  • Attend to deck maintenance including oiling or varnishing your deck, helping to extend the life of the boards and prevent warping and cracking.  Book our BuildPro Ecomm – Handyman service and you’ll be entertaining those guests on your deck with a smile.
  • Check if mould has built up in your bathroom or areas that are prone to moisture over the winter months, as mould in your home can be a serious concern.  BuildPro Ecomm – Mould Treatment can treat the areas professionally to stop the spread of spores and get your space looking brand new. 
  • If you are experiencing poor water pressure from the tap, a bunged-up water filter or aerator is most likely the problem.  BuildPro Ecomm – Plumbing can quickly have your taps running back with full force – no more washing up or showering in a trickling stream. 
  • Your pool has most likely been neglected over the winter months.  To get it back to crystal clear for a summer of fun, book a BuildPro Ecomm – Swimming Pool Service at the start of summer which includes water test & balance and a light clean & sweep.
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