Building and Pest Inspection Including Pest Management Report

$745.50 (ex. GST)

Building and pest inspection including pest management report (full home or unit)

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Nobody wants to buy a lemon, make sure you are making a wise investment by having one of our qualified inspectors attend to do a thorough building inspection. It will include: checking for major structural problems such as cracking, rising damp and differential settlement. Inside checks are performed room by room for cracking in the walls, springy boards or unevenness in floors, ceiling leaks and plumbing right down to finishes, fixtures and fittings. The roof will also be inspected. Pest inspection will be checking for infestations such as termites, borers and fungal decay.

Purchasing this product gives you access to committed, fully licenced trades that are the best in the business. Don’t worry – they will arrange all access and entry, working with property managers to ease the burden on you.

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