Garage Cleaning

$155.00 (ex. GST)

Complete detailed clean of garage area including walls and pressure wash to floor. Does not include detailed oil stain removal. Does not include removal/reinstatement of contents.  Area must be clear for workers.

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We know it’s where you keep all of your “someday” things but is your garage being used to the best level it can be? Have leaves and dust been blown in by the wind? Get that garage so spotless you will want to set it up as a man-cave. Our friendly cleaners can take care of that for you, no stress. (We cannot guarantee that we will be able to remove oil stains on the floor)

Purchasing this product gives you access to committed, fully licenced trades that are the best in the business. Don’t worry – they will arrange all access and entry, working with property managers to ease the burden on you.

Be like a pro. Be BuildPro.

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