Solar Panel Cleaning

$12.50 (ex. GST)

Attend to site to carry out Solar Panel Cleaning – per panel.

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Dirty solar panels can seriously reduce their performance and output. Dust and grime accumulate over time. Bird droppings are even more detrimental than dust. If you have trees nearby, these can drop sticky sap and leaves.

We suggest a thorough clean of the panels at least once a year. Don’t risk climbing on the roof yourself, let our licenced trade attend and safely clean those panels.

Service includes check of inverter to ensure system is working, a visual inspection of solar panels to ensure everything is in working order and free from damage and poor workmanship including an inspection of clamps to ensure they are tight and that the solar panels are firmly fastened to the rail. Any loose clamps will be tightened during inspection.

Solar panels are cleaned with Deionized water system, no chemicals or detergents are used as per recommendation by the manufacturers. Cleaning is done with a water fed pole brush specifically designed for solar panels, ensuring scratches or any other damage will not occur. No high pressure water system is used as this will damage the solar panels. Condition report with before and after photos are supplied at the end of every job.

Purchasing this product gives you access to committed, fully licenced trades that are the best in the business. Don’t worry – they will arrange all access and entry, working with property managers to ease the burden on you.

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